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Djuvenile mask treatment can provide you with the incredible skin transformation you have always dream of. It offers you that alluring skin that makes you attractive and fight the ageing process in 31 days.

Apply mask one during the first day of your treatment and rest the next day, mask two is used the third day, and you rest the fourth day, repeat these steps until you complete the 31-day treatment.

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In just 31 days, this bio-cellulose & silk mask treatment ensures that you would gain a fantastic skin transformation with a delightful touch of scintillating freshness which would be bordered around accentuating your youthful skin glow and your appearance.

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This unique 31-day face mask treatment is undoubtedly the brightest, freshest, most comfortable, and most effective skin rejuvenation treatment your facial skin could get, and it is now available exclusively for women & man with a conscious sense of beauty.

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These is a treatment that will do everything for your skin in 31 days.

 How do you use a Djuve treatment?

  1. Remove all of your makeup and cleanse your face with your preferred cleanser.
  2. If you use a skin toner or lotion apply now. A quick mist of a toner spray is ideal.
  3. Carefully open the face mask sachet and gently remove the sheet  mask. Our sheet mask have a lot of essence/serum inside so be carefully not to spill this as you open the sachet, save it and you can apply to your neck, décolletage and even your hands later!
  4. Slowly unfold the mask (it’s best to do this over the basin as they can drip) and hold up so that you can see the eye, nose and mouth cut outs. Then gently place on the face, taking care to align the eye, nose and mouth position carefully.
  5. Once you have the mask comfortably positioned on your face, take some time to smooth out any air bubbles especially on your cheeks and forehead. You can take a minute or two to gently massage the Dmask on your skin.
  6. Next apply any leftover product in the sachet to your neck, décolletage and the back of your hands.
  7. Now let the mask do it’s work. Each mask is different, but generally you leave Bio cellulose & Silk Sheet masks on for between 15-30 minutes. So relax and listen you favorite music, watch TV or Djuve team favorite is to soak in the bath. Make your own Spa at home.
  8. When you are ready peel of the mask and throw into the bin.
  9. After removing the sheet mask you will see an immediate improvement in your skin condition. It will undoubtedly be more hydrated, pumping the skin and diminishing the appearance off fine lines, and clear and brighter.
  10. Usually there will be some excess essence/serum on the skin surface, so gently massage into the skin. If you feel there is still to much residual product on the skin and you want to apply makeup, then gently press a facial tissue on the skin to absorb.   There is no need to rinse your skin after a sheet mask.

Eye Mask Treatment

1. Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly.
2. Open the packet and unfold the three layers of eye patches (non-woven bio nano cell eye patches-white plastic film)
3. Detach the non-woven before placing the bio nano cell eye patches on eyes and remove the white plastic afterwards.
4. Gently press the bio nano cell eye patch onto your eye.
5. Leave the eye patches on the 20-30 minutes and remove afterwards. 

There is no need to rinse your skin after a eye mask.

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 sheet mask djuve

Reinvent your skin in 31 days

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